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Date de publication : 18/12/2010
Date de péremption : 28/01/2011
Type de procédure : Informations générales
Type de document : Informations générales

Services de développement de logiciels médicaux , Services de santé divers

2010/S 246-376085 (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
TX: Request for information Flanders, a region of Belgium, wants to build a Health Information Exchange platform for Primary Care. The objective is to make structured data which are now stored in individual software applications, available to care providers who are involved in the care and welfare of patients, and to have access to the data from relevant actors. Flanders wants to achieve this by means of a primary care safe. About this market consultation The primary care safe consists of several components which will either be bought or can be developed in-house. The context to be considered comprises the basic services made available by the federal eHealth-platform, which will be used by the primary care safe. By means of a market consultation the Flemish government wants to check to which extent private companies can deliver components for the primary care safe and may contribute to the development of the primary care safe. The result of the market consultation will provide the basis for a public procurement tender for the purchase of components for the development of the primary care safe. All correspondence shall be handled by: Flemish Agency for Care and Health, Brussels, BELGIUM. Cédric Royer. Tel. +32 2 553 33 28cedric.royer@wvg.vlaanderen.be Procedure Written answers to the questionnaire must be received at the latest on 28 January 2011 at
   4. 00 pm. If you require additional information or explanation, notify the above contact before 14 January 2011 by e-mail. The Flemish government commits to answering any questions at the latest on 21 January 2011. It will publish your questions and the answers on the website of the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. The identity of the inquirer will not be revealed. Based on the answers received the Flemish government will invite the respondents who propose components which most closely meet the objectives of the primary care safe, for a further explanation of their proposals. This will take place between 14 February and 25 March 2011 in Brussels. All answers will be processed in a synthesis report and publish the report by 15 April 2011, respecting the anonymity of the sources. The Flemish government will analyse the reactions to the market consultation and can take it into account throughout the further implementation of the project. All information can be found via: http://www.zorg-en-gezondheid.be/primarycaresafe Questions 1a. Which functional components do you offer which can contribute to the primary care safe? 1b. Which additional components do you consider essential? 2a. Which technical components do you offer which can contribute to the primary care safe? 2b. Which standards for the exchange of medical data should be supported taking into account the Belgian situation? 2c. Do you have ideas to which extent the basic service for orchestration of the eHealth platform are sufficient or which, if any, additional components have to be provided? 3a. Which concrete components can be used to protect the privacy at the level of encryption of individual data at database level and of authorised data access?
   3. b. How do you avoid possible performance issues with encryption and decryption of data.
   4.  If a number of data from the primary care safe are stored in external data sources, which measures can be taken to avoid performance and availability issues? What are the major focal points? 5a. Which integration mechanisms are provided at the level of application integration? 5b. Besides the integration aspect, which interfaces should be provided with regard to access to data in the primary care safe?
   6.  Which approach is to be recommended for the introduction, roll-out, choice and phases of projects comparable to the primary care safe, at a regional level?
   7.  Give a concise description of the projects which can be compared to the primary care safe which your organisation was involved in in the past. ' description ' components used ' project scope ' project status ' URL where more information is available + possible contacts ' standards used
   8.  Contact person ?
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