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Date de publication : 22/05/2020
Date de péremption :
Type de procédure : Procédure négociée
Type de document : Avis d'attribution

Irlande-Dublin: Location de camions avec chauffeur

2020/S 99-238375  (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
TX: 22/05/2020 S99 Services - Avis d'attribution de marchÈ - ProcÈdure nÈgociÈe Irlande-Dublin: Location de camions avec chauffeur 2020/S 099-238375 Avis d'attribution de marchÈ ñ secteurs spÈciaux RÈsultats de la procÈdure de marchÈ Services
Section I: EntitÈ adjudicatrice
I.1) Nom et adresses Nom officiel: Electricity Supply Board (ESB) NumÈro national d'identification: N/A Adresse postale: 2 Gateway, East Wall Road Ville: Dublin 3 Code NUTS: IE0 Pays: Irlande Point(s) de contact: Aisling Horgan Courriel: TÈlÈphone: +353 659080418 Adresse(s) internet: Adresse principale: Adresse du profil díacheteur:
I.2) Informations sur la passation conjointe de marchÈs
Le marchÈ est attribuÈ par une centrale díachat
I.6) ActivitÈ principale ...lectricitÈ
Section II: Objet
II.1) ...tendue du marchÈ
II.1.1) IntitulÈ:
Ash Haulage Moneypoint Framework NumÈro de rÈfÈrence: GWM11412
II.1.2) Code CPV principal 60181000
II.1.3) Type de marchÈ Services
II.1.4) Description succincte:
Ash Haulage Moneypoint framework.
II.1.6) Information sur les lots Ce marchÈ est divisÈ en lots: non
II.2) Description
II.2.1) IntitulÈ:
II.2.2) Code(s) CPV additionnel(s) 34000000 60000000
II.2.3) Lieu d'exÈcution Code NUTS: IE042 Lieu principal d'exÈcution:
Moneypoint generating station.
II.2.4) Description des prestations:
Ash Haulage Moneypoint framework.
II.2.11) Information sur les options Options: non
II.2.13) Information sur les fonds de l'Union europÈenne
Le contrat s'inscrit dans un projet/programme financÈ par des fonds de l'Union europÈenne: non
II.2.14) Informations complÈmentaires
Section IV: ProcÈdure
IV.1) Description
IV.1.1) Type de procÈdure ProcÈdure nÈgociÈe avec appel la concurrence prÈalable
IV.1.3) Information sur l'accord-cadre ou le systËme d'acquisition dynamique
Le marchÈ implique la mise en place d'un accord-cadre
IV.1.6) EnchËre Èlectronique
IV.1.8) Information concernant líaccord sur les marchÈs publics (AMP)
Le marchÈ est couvert par l'accord sur les marchÈs publics: oui
IV.2) Renseignements d'ordre administratif
IV.2.1) Publication antÈrieure relative la prÈsente procÈdure NumÈro de l'avis au JO sÈrie S: 2020/S 061-146569
IV.2.8) Informations sur l'abandon du systËme d'acquisition dynamique
IV.2.9) Informations sur l'abandon de la procÈdure d'appel la concurrence sous la forme d'un avis pÈriodique indicatif
Section V: Attribution du marchÈ
MarchÈ n : 1 IntitulÈ:
Ash Haulage Moneypoint Framework
Un marchÈ/lot est attribuÈ: non
V.1) Informations relatives une non-attribution
Le marchÈ/lot n'a pas ÈtÈ attribuÈ Autres raisons (interruption de la procÈdure)
Section VI: Renseignements complÈmentaires
VI.3) Informations complÈmentaires:
 1)It is our intention to use the Irish Government Procurement portal ( for this competition. Access to this Portal is free of charge. Interested parties must formally register their expression of interest for this competition on eTenders before they can gain access to the PQQ documentation. All information relating to and including the pre-qualification documents, any clarifications and changes will be issued/published via this portal. The contracting entity will not accept responsibility for information relayed (or not relayed) via third parties. 2) This is the sole call for competition for this service. 3) The contracting entity will not be responsible for any costs, charges or expenses incurred by candidates or tenderers. 4) Contract award will be subject to the approval of the competent authorities. 5) It will be a condition of award that candidates are tax compliant. 6) If for any reason it is not possible to admit to the framework agreement one or more of the tenderers invited following the conclusion of this competitive process or having awarded a contract under the framework agreement, the contracting entity reserves the right to invite the next highest scoring tenderer to join the framework agreement and/or deliver the contract as appropriate to the circumstances pertaining to the framework. 7) At its absolute discretion, the contracting entity may elect to terminate this procurement process, the framework agreement or any contract awarded under the framework agreement at any time. 8) Please note in relation to all documents, that where reference is made to a particular standard, make, source, process, trademark, type or patent, that this is not to be regarded as a de facto requirement. In all such cases it should be understood that such indications are to be treated strictly and solely for reference purposes only, to which the words ëor equivalentí will always be appended. 9) Without prejudice to the principle of equal treatment, the contracting entity is not obliged to engage in a clarification process in respect of questionnaires with missing or incomplete information. Therefore, candidates are advised to ensure that they return fully completed questionnaires in order to avoid the risk of elimination from the competition. 10) At section II.2.9) we have indicated that three will be invited to tender, please note that the contracting entity reserves the right to invite at least three subject to that number qualifying.
VI.4) ProcÈdures de recours
VI.4.1) Instance chargÈe des procÈdures de recours Nom officiel: Chief Registrar Adresse postale: Four Courts, Inns Quay Ville: Dublin 7 Pays: Irlande TÈlÈphone: +353 18886000 Adresse internet:
VI.4.2) Organe chargÈ des procÈdures de mÈdiation
VI.4.3) Introduction de recours PrÈcisions concernant les dÈlais d'introduction de recours:
The contracting entity will not conclude this framework agreement/contract until after the expiry of the standstill period which commences on the day following the date of notification of concerned tenderers. Review procedures are available in the High Court to a person who has or has had an interest in obtaining the framework agreement/contract and alleges that he or she has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed by an infringement of the law in relation to that framework agreement/contract.
VI.4.4) Service auprËs duquel des renseignements peuvent Ítre obtenus sur l'introduction de recours
VI.5) Date díenvoi du prÈsent avis:
C L A S S E    C P V
34000000 - Équipement de transport et produits auxiliaires pour le transport 
60000000 - Services de transport (à l'exclusion du transport des déchets) 
60181000 - Location de camions avec chauffeur