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Date de publication : 16/09/2020
Date de péremption :
Type de procédure : Sans objet
Type de document : Avis de pré-information

NorvËge-Egersund: Travaux de construction

2020/S 180-435708  (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
TX: 16/09/2020 S180 NorvËge-Egersund: Travaux de construction 2020/S 180-435708 Avis de prÈinformation
Le prÈsent avis est un avis de prÈinformation uniquement Travaux
Section I: Pouvoir adjudicateur
I.1) Nom et adresses Nom officiel: Eigersund Kommune NumÈro national d'identification: 944496394 Adresse postale: B¯ckmans gate 2 Ville: Egersund Code NUTS: NO NORGE Code postal: 4379 Pays: NorvËge Point(s) de contact: Jan Egil Fornes Courriel: TÈlÈphone: +47 90079994 Adresse(s) internet: Adresse principale: Adresse du profil díacheteur:
I.2) Informations sur la passation conjointe de marchÈs
I.3) Communication Adresse laquelle des informations complÈmentaires peuvent Ítre obtenues: le ou les point(s) de contact susmentionnÈ(s)
I.4) Type de pouvoir adjudicateur AutoritÈ rÈgionale ou locale
I.5) ActivitÈ principale Loisirs, culture et religion
Section II: Objet
II.1) ...tendue du marchÈ
II.1.1) IntitulÈ:
Invitation to a Dialogue Conference
II.1.2) Code CPV principal 45000000 Travaux de construction
II.1.3) Type de marchÈ Travaux
II.1.4) Description succincte:
Eigersund Municipality would like to invite suppliers to a dialogue conference on a tender process for the 'New LagÂrd Swimming Pool'. A swimming pool will be constructed through a Public Private Collaboration Project (OPS), which will be rented by Eigersund Municipality upon completion. The tender contest will involve design, engineering design services, construction, and sublease of the swimming pool. The process will be split into three. Relevant tenderers will first be prequalified for participation in the tender contest, then there will be the actual contest, before the final negotiations with the chosen tenderer. We would like to use this conference to have a dialogue with individual or collaborating suppliers, contractors, and others, both to give information about the project and the process and also to get input from actors in the branch. Feedback will enable us to explore the feasibility of alternative courses of action for constructing the swimming pool, and ensuring that all the aspects of the procurement are optimal.
II.1.5) Valeur totale estimÈe Valeur hors TVA: 150 000 000.00 NOK
II.1.6) Information sur les lots Ce marchÈ est divisÈ en lots: non
II.2) Description
II.2.1) IntitulÈ:
II.2.2) Code(s) CPV additionnel(s) 70000000 Services immobiliers 71000000 Services d'architecture, services de construction, services d'ingÈnierie et services d'inspection
II.2.3) Lieu d'exÈcution Code NUTS: NO043 Rogaland
II.2.4) Description des prestations:
Eigersund Municipality would like to have a dialogue with actors who, separately or in collaboration with others, would like to compete for this procurement. All tenderers are required to have the necessary knowledge and experience with engineering design services for major construction projects in genera, and swimming pools in particular. Furthermore, financial and technical capacity to carry out such a project will be required, as well as experience with renting, running and maintaining property. In addition to this, we would like tenderers to have experience with OPS projects, and have a desire to create the best possible project in cooperation with Eigersund Municipality. The procurement will be made via several phases. The first phase involves a pre-qualification where a specific number of relevant tenderers are qualified for participation in the actual contest phase. In the contest phase, the prequalified actors will design, draw, engineer, and offer to rent out a new swimming pool at LagÂrd. All tenderers that submit a complete tender will receive a fee. A tenderer will then be chosen that will be included in the final project development phase where the project is adapted and quality assured so that it is in accordance with the contracting authority's requirements. The project will conclude with a final rent and operation contract that must be approved by the politicians before the project can commence. The following aspects will be particularly weighted in the contest phase. Energy economy, climate/environment, project proposal/main architectonic design, good universal design, rent remuneration/evaluation sum, material choice and lifetime considerations, the contract organisation's competence, aesthetic expression, technical systems (steel or concrete, raising/lowering functions, etc.), maintenance plan for condition degree 1 after 30 years, co-use/synergies, material recycling, external and internal logistics. Eigersund Municipality will provide the required area for the construction of a new swimming pool, and will facilitate all the necessary planning and development prerequisites to ensure efficient progress. The area in question is currently used for public purposes, and any co-use must be connected to this. An information meeting will be held on 30.09 at 14.00. Those who would like to participate, physically or digitally, must register by sending an email to by 28.09, 12.00 at the latest. Any questions, feedback or comments can also be sent to this email address. It will be possible to have individual meetings and site inspections in week 42. Register for these by sending an email to the same address. The final deadline for feedback and questions is 15.10. at 12.00.
II.2.14) Informations complÈmentaires
II.3) Date prÈvue pour le lancement de la procÈdure de passation:
Section IV: ProcÈdure
IV.1) Description
IV.1.8) Information concernant líaccord sur les marchÈs publics (AMP)
Le marchÈ est couvert par l'accord sur les marchÈs publics: non
Section VI: Renseignements complÈmentaires
VI.3) Informations complÈmentaires:
VI.5) Date díenvoi du prÈsent avis:
C L A S S E    C P V
45000000 - Travaux de construction 
70000000 - Services immobiliers 
71000000 - Services d'architecture, services de construction, services d'ingénierie et services d'inspection