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Date de publication : 20/11/2020
Date de péremption :
Type de procédure : Attribution d’un marché sans publication préalable d’un avis de marché
Type de document : Avis en cas de transparence ex ante volontaire

Royaume-Uni-Cardiff: Consommables médicaux

2020/S 227-560530  (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
TX: 20/11/2020 S227 Royaume-Uni-Cardiff: Consommables médicaux 2020/S 227-560530 Avis en cas de transparence ex ante volontaire Fournitures
Section I: Pouvoir adjudicateur/entité adjudicatrice
I.1) Nom et adresses Nom officiel: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership Adresse postale: Procurement Department, Woodlands House, 2nd Floor, Maes-Y-Coed Road Ville: Cardiff Code NUTS: UKL22 Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Code postal: CF14 4HH Pays: Royaume-Uni Courriel: Téléphone: +44 2921836450 Adresse(s) internet:
Adresse principale: Adresse du profil d'acheteur:
I.4) Type de pouvoir adjudicateur Organisme de droit public
I.5) Activité principale Santé
Section II: Objet
II.1) Étendue du marché
II.1.1) Intitulé:
Supply of Surgical Masks
II.1.2) Code CPV principal 33140000 Consommables médicaux
II.1.3) Type de marché Fournitures
II.1.4) Description succincte:
NWSSP wish to inform the market that they have awarded a one off contract for the supply of 8883 FFP3 surgical masks on behalf of NHS Wales.
II.1.6) Information sur les lots Ce marché est divisé en lots: non
II.1.7) Valeur totale du marché (hors TVA) Valeur hors TVA: 5 500 000.00 GBP
II.2) Description
II.2.2) Code(s) CPV additionnel(s) 33140000 Consommables médicaux
II.2.3) Lieu d'exécution Code NUTS: UKL WALES
II.2.4) Description des prestations:
NWSSP wish to inform the market that due to the Covid-19 global pandemic they have awarded a one off supply contract for 8883 FFP3 surgical masks.
II.2.5) Critères d'attribution
II.2.11) Information sur les options Options: non
II.2.13) Information sur les fonds de l'Union européenne
Le contrat s'inscrit dans un projet/programme financé par des fonds de l'Union européenne: non
II.2.14) Informations complémentaires
Section IV: Procédure
IV.1) Description
IV.1.1) Type de procédure Attribution d'un marché sans publication préalable d'un avis d'appel à la concurrence au Journal officiel de l'Union européenne (dans les cas énumérés ci-dessous) Explication:
Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed significant pressure on the global supply market in terms of a range of products including surgical masks. Covid-19 is transmitted via small airborne droplets emitted by infected people when sneezing, coughing or talking. Therefore, a wide array of protective products designed to ensure protection are used such as face masks. As a consequence of the pace of the virus spread and following Government guidance, surgical masks must be used by all healthcare workings in an inpatient and social care clinical setting. This has significantly increased the day-to-day usage of the surgical masks. Due to this Government guidance it was essential for NWSSP to purchase a significant quantity of masks to be able to support NHS Wales in Wales during this unprecedented time. Following a rapid review of the market conditions, finite supply and demand of surgical masks, NHS Wales required a consistent high quality and quantity pipeline of supply for the NHS as well as for social care and private providers who treat NHS patients within Wales. To enable this rapid delivery, NWSSP Partnership would like to inform the market that under Regulation 32 (2) (c) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR's) PharmaPac UK Ltd were awarded a one off purchase for 8883 FFP3 surgical masks to ensure continued quality supply that has been through relevant testing and have the applicable standards required. In awarding this contract, the Health Board met all the tests under the PCR's due to the immediate risk that COVID-19 posed to all NHS and social care personnel. In these exceptional circumstances, there was no time to run an accelerated procedure in line with PCR's as immediate and continued pipeline of significant quantities was urgently required.
IV.1.3) Information sur l'accord-cadre
IV.1.8) Information concernant l'accord sur les marchés publics (AMP)
Le marché est couvert par l'accord sur les marchés publics: oui
IV.2) Renseignements d'ordre administratif
Section V: Attribution du marché/de la concession
V.2) Attribution du marché/de la concession
V.2.1) Date d'attribution du marché:
V.2.2) Informations sur les offres
Le marché a été attribué à un groupement d'opérateurs économiques: non
V.2.3) Nom et adresse du titulaire/concessionnaire Nom officiel: PharmaPac UK Adresse postale: Unit 22, Valley Road Business Park Ville: Birkenhead Code NUTS: UKD74 Wirral Code postal: CH41 7EL Pays: Royaume-Uni
Le titulaire/concessionnaire sera une PME: non
V.2.4) Informations sur le montant du marché/du lot/de la concession (hors TVA) Valeur totale du marché/du lot/de la concession: 5 500 000.00 GBP
V.2.5) Information sur la sous-traitance
Section VI: Renseignements complémentaires
VI.3) Informations complémentaires:
(WA Ref:105823)
VI.4) Procédures de recours
VI.4.1) Instance chargée des procédures de recours Nom officiel: Cardiff Crown Court Ville: Cardiff Code postal: CF10 3PG Pays: Royaume-Uni
VI.5) Date d'envoi du présent avis:
C L A S S E    C P V
33140000 - Consommables médicaux