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Date de publication : 06/04/2020
Date de péremption :
Type de procédure : Sans objet
Type de document : Avis de pré-information

Royaume-Uni-Leeds: Services d'enseignement et de formation

2020/S 68-162890  (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
TX: 06/04/2020 S68 Services - Avis de préinformation sans mise en concurrence - Sans objet Royaume-Uni-Leeds: Services d'enseignement et de formation 2020/S 068-162890 Avis de préinformation
Le présent avis est un avis de préinformation uniquement Services
Section I: Pouvoir adjudicateur
I.1) Nom et adresses Nom officiel: Department for Work and Pensions Adresse postale: Quarry House, Quarry Hill Ville: Leeds Code NUTS: UK Code postal: LS2 &UA Pays: Royaume-Uni Courriel: CD.TEST-LEARN@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK Téléphone: +44 1133668446 Adresse(s) internet: Adresse principale:
I.2) Informations sur la passation conjointe de marchés
Le marché est attribué par une centrale d'achat
I.3) Communication Adresse à laquelle des informations complémentaires peuvent être obtenues: le ou les point(s) de contact susmentionné(s)
I.4) Type de pouvoir adjudicateur Ministère ou toute autre autorité nationale ou fédérale, y compris leurs subdivisions régionales ou locales
I.5) Activité principale Services généraux des administrations publiques
Section II: Objet
II.1) Étendue du marché
II.1.1) Intitulé:
Dynamic Purchasing System for Employment and Health Test and Learn Provision Numéro de référence: pqq_28831
II.1.2) Code CPV principal 80000000
II.1.3) Type de marché Services
II.1.4) Description succincte:
This is a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for social and specific services in accordance with Directive 2014/24/EU Article 24. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) intends to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to procure Work Focused Activities in Jobcentre Plus Districts in England, Scotland and Wales. The DPS is for the procurement of social and other services referred to in Regulation 74 of the Public Contracts Regulations (2015) and as such, the intention is to use a light touch regime, rather than the full regime described in Regulation 34 (Dynamic Purchasing System). As set out in the Green Paper 'Improving Lives: Work, Health and Disability', published in October 2016, the department is looking to deliver a number of new proofs of concept' (PoC) to improve the support that it can offer and to understand what best works.
II.1.5) Valeur totale estimée Valeur hors TVA: 20 000 000.00 GBP
II.1.6) Information sur les lots Ce marché est divisé en lots: non
II.2) Description
II.2.1) Intitulé:
II.2.2) Code(s) CPV additionnel(s) 80500000
II.2.3) Lieu d'exécution Code NUTS: UKC Code NUTS: UKD Code NUTS: UKE Code NUTS: UKF Code NUTS: UKG Code NUTS: UKH Code NUTS: UKI Code NUTS: UKJ Code NUTS: UKK Code NUTS: UKL Code NUTS: UKM
II.2.4) Description des prestations:
Update April 2020 Update due to an IT upgrade taking place (23 March 2020 - 27 March 2020) for the DPS. The new pqq_28831 has replaced the previous pqq reference. There has been the addition of five new service lines, the titles are listed below. Please see, suppliers instructions in VI.3) Additional Information, on how to apply and see updated attachments containing details of these service lines. - health Interventions/support - self-employment - quality - advice and information - support into work (pre-employment support) - apprenticeships Update June 2019 Update due to In Work Progression (IWP) Service Line addition. Please see suppliers instructions in VI.3) Additional Information of how to apply and see updated attachments containing details of the IWP Service Line. This DPS will present opportunities for organisation, with a focus on innovation and local specialist support, to be involved and test the development of new approaches for employment and health related activity. This will be key to building evidence to support the delivery of future provision at both national and local level. At this stage we cannot confirm or guarantee any future business through the DPS but it is anticipated that there will be some limited numbers of proof of concepts in specific parts of the country in the next 6-12 months. However, it is expected that as the DPS develops the activity will increase involving most, if not all, parts of the country. All information will be issued to potential suppliers via the BravoSolution e-Procurement platform. Subject to decisions, the anticipated duration for this new programme is from October 2018, for four (4) years. This National DPS is for DWP. It may also be open to the Department of Health and Social Care, Ministry of Justice, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and Local Authorities. Estimated funding for Test and Learn for 2018-2019, excluding VAT, will be up to GBP 2 m. Thereafter funding for DPS procurement will be annually agreed (amounts to be confirmed), and may include monies from other funding streams. Potential suppliers should note that the contracting authority reserves the right to cancel this procurement at any stage and not to award a DPS Agreement. If the contracting authority decides to enter into a DPS this does not mean that there is any guarantee of subsequent contracts being awarded. Any expenditure, work or effort undertaken prior to contract award is, accordingly, a matter solely for the commercial judgement of potential suppliers. Any order placed under this DPS will form a separate contract under the scope of this DPS between the supplier and the specific requesting contracting body. The contracting authority reserves the right to use any electronic portal during the life of the agreement.
II.2.14) Informations complémentaires The contracting authority will to use an e-Procurement system in this procurement. All interested parties should register on: Further information and support on the application process will be available at the publication stage.
II.3) Date prévue pour le lancement de la procédure de passation:
Section IV: Procédure
IV.1) Description
IV.1.8) Information concernant l'accord sur les marchés publics (AMP)
Le marché est couvert par l'accord sur les marchés publics: oui
Section VI: Renseignements complémentaires
VI.3) Informations complémentaires:
Suppliers Instructions: How to Express Interest in this Tender: 1) Register on the eSourcing portal (this is only required once): and click the link to register - accept the terms and conditions and click 'continue'; - enter your correct business and user details; - note your chosen username and click 'Save'. You will receive an email with your password (keep this secure) 2) Express an Interest in the tender - login to the portal with the username/password; - click the 'PQQs/ITTs Open To All Suppliers' link. (These are Pre-Qualification Questionnaires or Invitations to Tender open to any registered supplier); - click on the relevant exercise to access the content; - click the 'Express Interest' button at the top of the page; - this will move the PQQ/ITT into your 'My PQQs/My ITTs' page. (A secure area reserved for your projects only); - you can now access any attachments by clicking 'Buyer Attachments' in the 'PQQ/ ITT Details' box. 3) Responding to the tender - click 'My Response' under 'PQQ/ ITT Details', you can choose to 'Create Response' or to 'Decline to Respond' (please give a reason if declining); - you can now use the 'Messages' function to communicate with the buyer and seek any clarification; - note the deadline for completion. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the PQQ/ ITT; - there may be a mixture of online and offline actions to complete (detailed online help available). To submit your reply use the 'Submit Response' button (top of the page). For further assistance please consult the online help, or the eTendering help desk. DWP expressly reserves the rights (i) to use a reverse auction; (ii) to cancel this procurement at any stage; (iii) to not award any contract as a result of the procurement process commenced by publication of this notice; (iv) and in no circumstances will DWP be liable for any costs incurred by potential suppliers.
VI.5) Date d'envoi du présent avis:
C L A S S E    C P V
80000000 - Services d'enseignement et de formation 
80500000 - Services de formation