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Date de publication : 12/12/2018
Date de péremption :
Type de procédure : Sans objet
Type de document : Avis de pré-information

Royaume-Uni-Londres: Services prestÈs par les mÈdecins gÈnÈralistes

2018/S 239-545973 (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
12/12/2018 S239  - - Services - Avis de prÈinformation sans mise en concurrence - Sans objet Royaume-Uni-Londres: Services prestÈs par les mÈdecins gÈnÈralistes 2018/S 239-545973 Avis de prÈinformation
Le prÈsent avis est un avis de prÈinformation uniquement Services
Section I: Pouvoir adjudicateur
I.1) Nom et adresses The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Broadcasting House, Portland Place London W1A 1AA Royaume-Uni TÈlÈphone: +44 1234567890 Courriel: caroline.tonge@bbc.co.uk Fax: +44 1234567890 Code NUTS: UKI Adresse(s) internet: Adresse principale: http://www.bbc.co.uk/supplying/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/supplying/
I.2) Informations sur la passation conjointe de marchÈs
I.3) Communication Adresse laquelle des informations complÈmentaires peuvent Ítre obtenues le ou les point(s) de contact susmentionnÈ(s)
I.4) Type de pouvoir adjudicateur Organisme de droit public
I.5) ActivitÈ principale Autre activitÈ: Broadcasting
Section II: Objet
II.1) ...tendue du marchÈ
II.1.1) IntitulÈ:
RFI ó Online Doctor Services
II.1.2) Code CPV principal 85121100
II.1.3) Type de marchÈ Services
II.1.4) Description succincte:
The BBC is considering its strategy for the provision of online doctor services. This RFI is to inform this strategy on both a technical and commercial level.
II.1.5) Valeur totale estimÈe
II.1.6) Information sur les lots Ce marchÈ est divisÈ en lots: non
II.2) Description
II.2.1) IntitulÈ:
II.2.2) Code(s) CPV additionnel(s) 85000000
II.2.3) Lieu d'exÈcution Code NUTS: UK Lieu principal d'exÈcution:
Whole BBC estate.
II.2.4) Description des prestations:
The information obtained from this RFI will be used by the BBC to build an understanding regarding the current and potential future service offerings. Where there is more than one economic operator, the BBC reserves the right to require a grouping of economic operators to take a particular legal form or to require a single economic operator to take primary liability or to require that each party undertakes joint and several liability. Please register your interest in this project by taking the following steps:
   1.  Register your company on the BravoSolution e-Tendering portal (this is only required once):
   1. 1) Go to https://bbc.bravosolution.co.uk
   1. 2) Click the link on the login page to register.
   1. 3) Accept the terms and conditions and click ìContinueî.
   1. 4) Enter your correct business and user details.
   1. 5) Note the username you chose and click ìSaveî when complete.
   1. 6) You will shortly receive an email with your temporary password.
   2.  Express an interest in the tender:
   2. 1) Login to the portal with the username/password.
   2. 2) Click the ìPQQs/ITTs Open To All Suppliersî link. (These are pre-qualification questionnaires or invitations to tender open to any registered supplier).
   2. 3) Click on the relevant PQQ/ITT to access the content.
   2. 4) Click the ìExpress Interestî button at the top of the page. This will move the PQQ/ITT into your ìMy PQQs/My ITTsî page. (This is a secure area reserved for your projects only).
   2. 5) You can now access any attachments by clicking ìBuyer Attachmentsî in the ìPQQ/ITT Detailsî box.
   3.  Responding to the tender:
   3. 1) Click ìMy Responseî under ìPQQ/ITT Detailsî, you can choose to ìCreate Responseî or to ìDecline to Respondî (please give a reason if declining).
   3. 2) You can now use the ìMessagesî function to communicate with the buyer and seek any clarification.
   3. 3) Note the deadline for completion, then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the PQQ/ITT. There may be a mixture of online and offline actions for you to perform (there is detailed online help available).
   3. 4) You must then submit your reply using the ìSubmit Responseî button at the top of the page. If you require any further assistance please consult the online help, or contact the Bravo e-Tendering help desk. https://bbc.bravosolution.co.uk
II.2.14) Informations complÈmentaires
II.3) Date prÈvue pour le lancement de la procÈdure de passation:
Section IV: ProcÈdure
IV.1) Description
IV.1.8) Information concernant líaccord sur les marchÈs publics (AMP)
Le marchÈ est couvert par l'accord sur les marchÈs publics: oui
Section VI: Renseignements complÈmentaires
VI.3) Informations complÈmentaires:
In the case of technology requirements, the BBC may involve its technology partner (Atos IT Solutions and Services Limited) to assist in the scoping and drafting of invitations to tender and/or the evaluation of tenders. However, the final decision as to which is the most economically advantageous (by reference to the award criteria) will be made by the BBC. The awarding authority reserves the right not to award a contract and to annul the procurement process at any stage. Tenders and all supporting documents must be priced in sterling and all payments will be made in sterling. The contract shall be subject to English law. The awarding authority does not bind itself to accept the lowest, or any tender and reserves the right to accept part of a tender unless the tenderer expressly stipulates otherwise in the tender document.
VI.5) Date díenvoi du prÈsent avis:
C L A S S E    C P V
85000000 - Services de santé et services sociaux 
85121100 - Services prestés par les médecins généralistes