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Date de publication : 08/01/2011
Date de péremption : 10/02/2011
Type de procédure : Appel à manifestations d'intérêt
Type de document : Appel à manifestation d'intérêt

Services d'assistance technique , Services de conseil en conception , Services de conseil en bâtiment , Supervision des travaux de construction , Études de faisabilité, service de conseil, analyse

2011/S 5-007000 (Source TED)
V  E  R  S  I  O  N      F  R  A  N  C  A  I  S  E
TX: Country: ROMANIA Project name: Bucharest International Airport Rail Access Link Project Area: Transports Loan Agreement between the Japan International Cooperation Agency and Romania Location: Bucharest city and the metropolitan area The Romanian Government has received a loan from JICA for the Bucharest International Airport Rail Access Link Project and will use a portion of it for consulting services. The Project will be implemented by Societatea Comercialƒ de Transport cu Metroul Bucureßti METROREX S.A.
   1. ..The investment will consist of construction and mounting works, procurement of installations, equipments, machineries, endowments, including rolling stock, as well as preparation of related execution designs. Estimated period of project implementation: 11 years (execution: 7 years) Estimated number of stations: 14 Estimated route length: 16 km
   2. ..The objective of the Consultant's activity: to offer the Client engineering services, designing services, works supervision, financial & legal advice and technical assistance to implement the Project. The services performed by the Consultant include, but are not restricted to: ' For the designing stage:  - review and supplement the data provided in the Feasibility Study of this Project.  - prepare the preliminary technical design containing technical and financial written parts (bidding documents, list of works quantities, equipments, price descriptions) and blueprints. ' For contracts awarding stages:  - prepare the documents for awarding the bidding packages;  - provide financial & legal advice and technical assistance for the selection of competitors for each bidding package. ' For works execution and after completion stage:  - supervise and monitor the works execution;  - provide financial & legal advice and technical assistance during works period, trial runs, tests and commissioning, for the defect liability period and for the preparation of construction manuals, including as-built documentation. ' Related Tasks:  - provide advice and technical assistance for:  - the achievement of Social and Environmental Expertise.  - HIV/AIDS or viral diseases prevention.  - the fulfilment of terms of providing transport facilities for disabled persons. S.C. METROREX S.A. invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the consulting services by submitting an expression of interest. The expression of interest must be accompanied by documents which will allow further verification of the company's competences: A. General information about the company; B. Core business and years in business; C. Working experience in implementing similar assignments:  - short description of similar projects completed during the last five years with information related to each project: client, date of inception and end of the works, total value of the contract, position held within the project and the percentage from the total value of the project completed by the company, description of tasks, key staff (number/qualification) made available by the company within the contract;  - experience in Japanese ODA loans projects or other similar international donors;  - experience in region (Central and Eastern Europe) and/or in Romania. D. General description of organizational structure and activities performed by the company and staff (number and qualification level). E. Financial standing of the company/companies for the last three years:  - Turnover  - Information of the profit and loss account  - Level of capital F. Quality system for the consulting/designing activity. G. Abilities of the consultant from which will result they comply with the environmental protection standards. H. Level and abilities of consultant regarding the specific railway activities. The documents accompanying the Expressions of Interest will be issued in English and/or Romanian language. The Expressions of Interest may be also submitted by consulting groups in association. In such case, each member of association will submit the required documents/information. The number of selected consultants to be included in the Short List will be of maximum
   5.  The short listed consultants will submit the proposals and will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Guidelines for the Employment of Consultants under Japanese ODA Loans dated March 2009. Expressions of interest must be delivered until February 10th, 2011 to: S.C. METROREX S.A, 38, Dinicu Golescu Avenue, Gate A, sector 1, RO 010873, Bucharest, ROMANIA. Phone: + 4 021 319 36 01. Fax: + 4 021 312 51 49 The record office working hours: 8:00 am - 16:00 p.m. Contact person: Mr. Þtefan ROTARU ' Technical and Investments Director E-mail: srotaru@metrorex.ro
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71241000 - Études de faisabilité, service de conseil, analyse 
71247000 - Supervision des travaux de construction 
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71356200 - Services d'assistance technique 
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